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Although we are not finished this website, we have bigger plans for the future.


Check out our future projects as well as some of our sponsors.

Next Website

Our Next site will be for painters in Ottawa. This will help clients continue their renovation while helping contractors find more leads for painting projects. We are excited to be launching within the next 6 months.

Logo for A paintbrush splashing in multiple colours

More To Come

Our extensive network has been meticulously built over the course of 20 years. With a collection of 15 niche market websites, we are on the verge of connecting them all to form a comprehensive network. Exciting developments are underway, and we invite you to stay tuned for what lies ahead.


The culmination of our efforts promises to deliver an interconnected ecosystem that will revolutionize the way you navigate and engage with our specialized content. Prepare for an unparalleled experience as we unveil the next phase of our network.

Drywall Chat Bot

We are currently training our chatbot with over 700 questions and answers related to drywall. We are using a program called Dialogflow to train our A.I. model. We also used Chat GPT to help with the question and answer development. 

Our chatbot will have answers to questions that most drywall contractors have answered hundreds of times. We are also thinking of having the chatbot be an assistant for the website to help guide you through full renovations. For now we are focusing on drywall.

cream coloured drywall bulkhead in Ottawa basement renovation

3D Website Development

We are currently using three.js to generate an immersive 3d environment for our next version of the site. 

This is proving to be a tedious task, but we aim to finish by the end of this year. We recently hired a junior developer to help with the creation of the next site. We welcome an designers and developers that have experience with this platform to contact us for possible employment.

futuristic home automation system

Object Identification For Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is our ultimate goal. To do this we need to creat an environment and train our A.I. to register items from a camera to allow the user to immerse themselves into our website.

We are using prebuilt datasets from MIT and other open sources to generate an object detection system that will tell our website which services you will need based on an image or video.

VR headset

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Point3D Logo
Dustin Drafting and Design logo
logo for Roma PLastics

Before Drywall

After Drywall

HomeUpgraders Logo
Flooring Wooden Floor
Doors, Windows, Trim
Window Insulation
Cabinets and Counters
Modern Kitchen Cabinets Logo
Maple Leaf Coin Inviting New Sponsors
futuristic clock mechanism

Final Decisions

We are currently talking to a wide variety of sponsors to help make this dream a reality. If you or your company can contribute to this website please submit your info to our developers so we can see how we can connect and work together.

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