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  • How Do I Use The Website?
    View Contractors Availability, Cost and Ratings in different sections of the website. Become a member to stay tuned into the drywall industry in Ottawa. Use one of our calculator scripts to get an instant price quote or estimated amount of material for your project. If you have troubles or want to know more visit the Contact page and email our developers at
  • How Often Is the Website Updated?
    We try to stay on top of things, with a weekly refresh and monthly updates with new features. Our entire project will be completed at the end of the summer, with the full version being released by 2024.
  • What is is Canada's first A.I. general contracting website. It uses advanced algorithms to help contractors and homeowners in Ottawa connect. The platform displays price, location, and availability of drywall contractors in Ottawa.
  • How does the A.I. Contractor Connection Tool work?
    How does the A.I. Contractor Connection Tool work? The A.I. Contractor Connection Tool makes it easy for you to find the perfect contractor for your project. It coordinates contractors based on user input and provides an instant quote. All the hard work is done for you, so you can focus on other things.
  • What is the A.I. Contractor Map?
    The A.I. Contractor Map is a tool that helps coordinate your next drywall project. Whether you’re looking for drywall installers, drywall tapers, and drywall sanders or for a complete drywall installation and finishing crew, you can coordinate them all through our easy-to-use dashboard.
  • What is the Contractor Software?
    The contractor software is a tool that is revolutionizing how contractors can easily generate their own calculator script to embed on their website. All they ask in return is some advertising space at the bottom of the calculator to help spread their network.
  • How can I join the team?
    You can explore career opportunities and join the team by visiting the "Explore Careers" section on the website. We also encourage contractors to team up if they need help, or team up for advertising reasons to save money and tap into a bigger market.
  • How can I get in touch with
    You can submit a request through the form on the website or contact them directly via email at or by phone at 613-314-7926.
  • How can I subscribe to the network?
    You can subscribe to the network by entering your email in the "Subscribe to Our Network" section on the website.
  • All Aboard New Users!!
    Welcome to, Canada's first A.I. general contracting website. We connect homeowners and contractors using advanced algorithms. You can get started by searching our directory or playing with some of the tools we have designed.
  • Explaining Features:
    Explaining Features: We have several features to assist you. Our A.I. Contractor Connection Tool helps you find the perfect contractor for your project. We also have an A.I. Contractor Map to help coordinate your drywall project. If you're a contractor, you can use our Contractor Software to generate a calculator script for your website.
  • Why Was This Site Created?
    As the demand for specialized contractors continues to grow, we've taken it upon ourselves to foster a sense of community within our city. Our goal is to transform our city into a neighborhood-oriented village where collaboration trumps competition. We understand that the construction industry often operates at two extremes - it's either full throttle or a complete halt. We aim to bridge this gap and ensure consistent progress, even during periods of downtime, regardless of the reasons.
  • How much does it cost for contractors and homeowners?
    Free For All Users in this beta version. -In the future, for more advanced features we will need to start charging a fee. All features offered in our beta version will remain free for everyone to use. - To help with the design and implementation of our network we may ask for sponsorship from local supply companies. This should cover our costs for the designers and developers needed to make this thing great.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • How Do Contractors Sign Up?
    Contractors will need to submit their email and a password to create their profile. If you need help you can also email our developers at

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1. Basic Principles of Drywall Renovation Pricing

2. Understanding Extra Costs in Drywall Renovation


3. Tailoring Costs to Client Needs and Project Requirements


4. Saving Money on Your Drywall Renovation


5. Pricing for Specific Types of Drywall Projects


6. Covers initial project assessment, scope identification, and consultation procedures


7. Discusses project management, quality control, and handling unexpected issues


8. Details the process of material selection, supplier management, and issue resolution

9. Explores post-project support, maintenance services, and warranty policies

10. Explains pricing adjustments for various special circumstances and unique project conditions

11. Discusses factors affecting cost estimates for custom architectural elements

12. Addresses pricing considerations for intricate trim, moulding, and other unique design features

13. Looks at factors influencing pricing for projects involving preservation or restoration of historical features

14. Covers pricing for structures involving columns, pillars, ceiling designs, and other custom decorative elements

15. Discusses pricing for skylights, sunroof installations, custom window/door designs, staircases, handrails, and other specialized installations

16. Understanding cost factors in drywall installation, repair, and customization options

17. Pricing Adjustments

18. Pricing Strategy and Discounts

19. Diverse Scenario Pricing

20. Understanding cost factors in drywall installation, repair, and customization options

21. Drywall Services and Solutions

22. Drywall Installation and Repair

23. Drywall Replacement and Renovation

24. Drywall Finishing and Texturing

25. Drywall Customization and Design

26. Drywall Services for Commercial Projects

27. Drywall Services for Residential Projects

28. Drywall Services for Industrial Projects

29. Drywall Services for Institutional Projects

30. Drywall Services for Specialized Applications

31. Drywall Services for New Construction

32. Drywall Services for Remodeling and Renovation

33. Drywall Services for Disaster Restoration

34. Drywall Services for Historical Preservation

35. Drywall Services for Green Building and Sustainability

36. Drywall Services for Custom Architectural Design

37. Drywall Services for Unique Design Features

38. Drywall Services for Decorative Elements

39. Drywall Services for Acoustic Control

40. Drywall Services for Moisture and Mold Control

41. Drywall Services for Fire-Rated Applications

42. Drywall Services for Energy Efficiency

43. Drywall Services for Indoor Air Quality

44. Drywall Services for Accessibility and Universal Design

45. Drywall Services for Safety and Security

46. Supplier Management and Strategic Partnerships

47. Cost Savings Through Efficiency Measures

48. Lifecycle Analysis and Environmental Impact

49. Green Building Certifications and Standards

50. Sustainable Practices in Drywall Renovations

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